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It is obvious that the number of motor vehicles in Uganda in general and Greater Kampala in particular has increased a lot over the past two decades. It is also obvious that this increase is largely driven by an increase in the number of people with sufficient income to afford a secondhand vehicle. Typically, such a vehicle will be a Japanese make aged between 10 and 15 years old on importation. The upper limit of 15 years is now fixed in the country’s regulations with initial attempts to fix it at 8 years having failed after a public outcry.

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Corona 🦠 Thoughts – 5: Lockdown, Reflections on Life’s Unpredictability and Fake News

Today marked one week since the lockdown was announced by the President. Lockdown is such a dramatic word that evokes memories of action movie (and TV series) scenes. Close your eyes and imagine Jack Bauer in CTU yelling “Secure the parameter! Lock this place down!” on receiving news of a possible infiltration. For those of […]