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Corona 🦠 Thoughts – 4: 4 Random Thoughts

1. I had no idea what being on gun point feels like. Oh – before you get worried – I still don’t. But having my temperature taken with an infrared thermometer for the first time sure felt like it – down to the skipped heart beat. I knew binge watching 24 would one day catch up with me…

2. Something else I had no clue about was how often I touch my face during the course of a typical day. And now that it is something I’m very conscious of, it is amazing how often the occasional touch still sneaks through subconsciously and how I almost always realise it after it’s happened. It’s almost as if my hands and arms have a mind of their own.

3. Over the past 3 days, I’ve had to leave home taking a sick kid for treatment. One things that I got to appreciate while I was out there was how many other people, in addition to the frontline medical personnel and health authorities, deserve our eternal gratitude. Think of the security personnel manning the entrances to all the “essential business” places that are taking temperatures and ensuring people wash their hands and/or sanitise them (please be nice to them!). Think of the people manning these essential business places, especially those in the healthcare and food supply chain sectors. Think of the security people enforcing the current partial lock-down (forget the despicable brutality of a few). Think of the all the people doing home deliveries. There are so many heroes. The least we can do during this time is appreciate them.

4. Finally: at the time of writing this, we had 30 confirmed cases in Uganda. I find it a bit strange that we are still getting shocked with each announcement of new cases. At this point, I suppose it is safe to assume that we will be seeing new cases popping up quite often given what we know about how infectious the virus is. The conversation and focus probably needs to shift to the measures in place to provide care for any cases that degenerate into serious illness. Exactly how many functional ventilators do we have? How many are we procuring? Do we have any factory that can switch to manufacturing them at short notice? Have our pharmaceuticals been instructed to produce a few batches of chloroquine – just in case? Time to start getting unambiguous answers to these and similar questions.

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Apparently touching our faces is a subtle way of self consciousness. BBC WhyFactor did a podcast on it.
I’m almost giving up not touching my face. Normally i have allergies and my eyes itch. I need help.
The frontliners are the unsung heroes.
Keep safe.

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