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Corona 🦠 Thoughts – 3: Silver Lining


There’s one thing about COVID-19 that we should not let slip from our minds. Even though there’s much to fear about a disease that has literally brought the world to its knees, we must not forget that contracting it is NOT a death sentence. Unlike, for example, the early days of HIV/AIDS, the recovery rate from the coronavirus is quite remarkable. According to the latest WHO Situation Report (Report 66 of March 26 as of the time of writing), there had been 20,834 confirmed deaths out of 462,684 cases. See report below:

WHO Situation Report – 66

Make no mistake – those numbers represent a terrible tragedy. Even worse, the figures keep rising. Just before I wrote this, the latest figures from Italy emerged: more than 900 dead. Each death represents unimaginable loss to a family and other loved ones, a loss to their community and so on. But those numbers also show that the mortality rate is under 5%. And this doesn’t take into account the fact that the number of cases is probably much higher than the confirmed ones simply because some cases don’t exhibit any symptoms.

I hope this post won’t be misconstrued as taking the crisis lightly. My previous posts should help dispel that notion. All I’m saying is – don’t let despair kill you even before COVID-19. Even in the midst of this, we will survive! WE. WILL. SURVIVE.