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You no longer even write” exclaimed an old acquaintance I bumped into the other day. This was after exchanging the usual “you are so lost” so-UG pleasantries. After we parted, I thought long and hard about that statement. I no longer write…? But when was I ever a writer I asked myself. Surely, a post every six or seven months doesn’t qualify as serious writing. There are prolific writers who wrote entire novels in the intervals between my old posts. Best sellers at that. There are also people like my friend Nick who writes two or three meaningful Facebook posts every day in addition to being an actual published writer. But me? That was probably the most undeserved flattery I’ve ever been on the receiving end of.

The more I thought about it though – and I must admit I dwelt on that statement for quite a long while – the more it struck me that maybe I should be doing a lot more writing. I cast my mind back to the now-fading euphoric feeling of hitting “Publish” and recalled the reaction from friends and strangers alike who’d read the piece. I remembered the time I was determined to do at least 3 posts every month on all sorts of topics. And I thought about the reasons why I had failed miserably. The immense challenges of running a promising startup that had run into difficult headwinds and the ensuing depression. The despair I felt at the lack of progress as a country in the areas I care about. The gloom and doom casting a shadow over the continent and indeed the globe and the sinking knowledge that there was very little I could do to influence things for the better. The relentless march of time and painful reminders of the cycle of life and our mortality through the loss of dear ones.

The more I thought about the reasons why I hadn’t written anything on this blog for close to two years, the more I realized I was letting circumstances beyond my control get the better of me, putting me down and stopping me from doing the things I enjoy. And life is way too short to accept being weighed down for so long. I enjoy writing almost as much as I enjoy reading. And I know, from your feedback, that quite a few of you enjoy my writing too. It is time to get rid of those shackles that have been holding me down and resume doing the things I enjoy with writing being one of those. Indeed, my not writing was clearly a sign of indiscipline and weakness on my part. No more. No. More.

So I’m going to write about all the things I care about, the things I enjoy, the things I feel strongly about, random observations and more. I will write about design, cars, software and IT, aviation, Fintech, governance, faith, education, the NRM, FDC, People Power, engineering, children and more. I hope you’ll enjoy this blog and I’m looking forward to hearing from you after each post…