Disrupting the start of the school term

Originally posted on my Facebook page

I find it very amusing that many KB opponents are working themselves over his announcement that he’ll walk to the EC today, the day most schools open for Term 1. Let’s get real – all the announcement means is he’ll likely spend most of the day if not week a resident of Naggalama Police Station. Actually the 24 hour notice means the police have had the time to ship all their newly acquired toys including the cement mixer to his home and so he most probably won’t be able to even open his gate.
It is thus highly unlikely that any kid’s return to school will be affected by him unless their school is located on his farm. Though I can bet our poorly planned roads will definitely stress many as they sit in horrible traffic jam for hours…

That said, now that the topic is school children, how about a frank talk about the real issues concerning them. Why is it that as the cost of getting them a decent education shoots through the roof, the actual product continues to deteriorate? When shall we finally look into whether kilos of homework aren’t detrimental to our children’s intellectual development? Why is the road to my children’s school awful? Why is it that most of you readers never take your children to public health facilities when they’re ill? Why don’t so many schools have basic sports facilities? What happened to the vigilant inspectorate of schools function? Why is UPE quietly considered a tragic joke among most of us?

Friends, those are the real issues we need to think about. Forget what ‘they’ would prefer we focus on.