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Travelled to Kabale over the weekend for my friend Harriet’s giveaway ceremony. Congratulations Harriet and may God bless you and Andrew with a happy, happy future.

A couple of observations from my trip – first, it is great seeing how the upgraded road is turning out. Obviously, I’d have loved to see a 4 or 6 lane highway from Kampala all the way to Kabale but that remains a dream for now. So, I’ll settle for what is being done which is actually quite good. The quality of the tarmac seems to be really, really good with multiple thick layers. They are even laying some sort of waterproof canvas underneath the tar layers to prevent water from being drawn up and causing damage – this is the first time I’m seeing this being done in this country! Then, although generally the overall width of the road is disappointing, they’re putting in place climbing lanes for many of the slopes which should make overtaking slow-moving traffic a breeze. All in all, it looks like quality work even to my untrained eye. Something else – the sheer quantity and quality of equipment deployed tells me RCC is a serious contractor (remember how they saved the government from the embarrassment called the Bugiri road?).

Second – this global warming thing; is it for real? I mean, Kabale was so, so, so cold that we simply couldn’t spread margarine on our bread at breakfast – it seemed to be frozen rock solid! Even for a ‘person-of-the-soil’ like me, it felt colder than usual. And this is July, a traditionally hot and dry time of the year. Spare a thought for my co-travellers, especially the two of them that were born and bred in central Uganda.

Third and last – my friends know that the car fanatic in me hates the Mitsubishi brand with a passion. Interestingly, the vehicle we used was a Mitsubishi Lancer borrowed from a friend and yours truly was the ‘pilot’. Imagine the shock (in a totally positive sense) when, despite my heavy right foot, we used just over 27 litres of petrol to cover the 410km to Kabale. This translates into approximately 15km per litre. Never in my life have I experienced such fuel economy (certainly not in my beloved BMW 528i – RIP :-)) and to say I was impressed is a massive understatement. This is a car tailor made for these hard economic times. Certainly, the smooth stretches of new road helped but even then, coaxing more than 11 or 12km per litre in any car on that road is very hard. My loathing for Mitsubishis is officially over and after hitting ‘Post’, I’ll be logging onto the Mitsubishi section of the website…

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If only I had seen this before I traveled to Uganda…I’d have included a trip to the west! Nice post…


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