So why?

Why would I (at this age) decide to start posting random thoughts on the www? Well, those of you that know a little about me know that I’m a regular chap working with the leading telco in Uganda. I started off as an electrical engineer but switched to application development and support along the way. This in itself is hardly a reason to start ‘yapping’ to all and sundry on the net. However, those of you that know a little bit more than just a little about me also know that beneath my reserved facade, I am extremely passionate about certain things such as computing (of course – why else would I switch careers?), motoring, various forms of sport, aviation, science & technology in general, faith related issues, politics and so many more. I, of course, have strong opinions on each of these interests. So, this blog is meant to be an avenue for thinking aloud and sharing my opinions with you all – friends and foes alike. ‘Why now?’ I hear some of you ask. Simple really. Recent events in my life have made me realise it may not be such a bad thing to record one’s thoughts, feelings, rants etc for future reference. One day, many years from now, our children will want to know what our days (the present) were like. I hope that this blog shall provide my perspective on the current times (and those of the various persons that shall visit it and comment on the posts) for my kids.

P.S 1: You’ll notice that I’ve divulged quite a bit about myself above. Well, I for one don’t really believe it is possible to retain any kind of privacy in this day and age. With so much information readily available on sites like Facebook and all the stuff we store in the ‘cloud’, that quickly becomes an exercise in futility…

P.S 2: Blog ground rules – actually a single rule. No profanity and abusive language in your comments please. For the start, I shall not moderate the comments but I’ll definitely monitor them and remove those that break this rule. Of course, I reserve the right to decide what constitutes profanity 🙂 .

P.S 3: Small boot – why the name? Well, given that I intend to blog quite a bit on topical issues in this dear country of ours, I tried to get a name that was reflective of our society. It just so happens that each time I travel ‘upcountry’, I come across so many cars with their boots/trunks overflowing. Or ‘pickups’ (light trucks or bakkies for the uninitiated) carrying loads meant for much bigger vehicles. So, voila! Thus the blog was christened… Silly, isn’t it?

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I like I like i ike…but my comment is under moderation. Is this the point where I slip in some profanity? Js a lil’? Ok, next time


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